Resportly is one membership to try many new sports! And environmentally conscious!

We believe that sport can be fun! And we also think that we have some sports that we do more often than others. And maybe even want to try new sports now and then. Resportly is one membership to try many new sports!

You know – why can’t I just try Badminton now? And try playing it for a couple of months. Just so you see if you like it, you’re good enough to continue “more professionally” or just return the sports gear and try a new sport.

And why can’t you just go from Badminton to Skateboarding? Why do you need to buy new sports gear before you actually see if you like it?

And after you find a sport that you want to commit to for a longer period of time, you can just return the equipment and buy your personal one.

That’s like recycling for sports gear.

Start now by checking our collection. Or read more about How does Resportly work?

And that’s what we call Resportly. One membership to try many new sports.

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